Our Team

Mr. Nim Dorji (CEO)

Mr. Nim Dorji (CEO)
Mr. Nim Dorji (CEO) is an Economist by background and a graduate from the Washington State University, USA. He is one of the co-founders of Snow Lion in STYLE, a contemporary tour and trekking executive. He is the CEO of Travel Company known for being progressive and innovative with travel services and programs that are offered to customers.

Mr. Dorji displays well-rounded knowledge of travel business management that gives him excellent skills to lead the company. His extensive travel within and to several countries such as United States of America, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, India, China, Nepal, Tibet, Bangladesh, and Tanzania developed his genuine appreciation for different cultures that exists in the world.

Mr. Dorji wishes the best to all his guests.
Tashi Delek!

Mr. Sangay Khandu (Operations Director)

Mr. Sangay Khandu (Operations Director)
Mr. Sangay Khandu began his career in the travel business as a guide working in the Department of Tourism after being trained by the government. After five years as a guide, Khandu received additional training in tourism at the Institute of Tourism Management in Delhi, India for one year.

Khandu has co-founded Snow Lion in STYLE with Mr. Dorji in 2002 and is the Operations Director of the company. With his background in technical skills and knowledge in tourism, Khandu ensures that the details of the itinerary including lodging, meals, and transportation are in place and well planned so that the guests experience of visiting Bhutan is comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.

He has been an active archery player, Bhutans national sport, and is a high rated archer. Mr. Khandu has traveled internationally to a variety of countries including the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand and around many areas of India. His travel experiences add to his wealth of knowledge about tourism and travel that give him an expertise in arranging and planning for the guests stay in Bhutan.

Mr. Pema Dorji

Mr. Pema Dorji
Mr. Pema is graduate with a strong background in tourism and hospitality services from the College of Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. Mr. Pema further received an advanced training in guide services in a local institute in Bhutan which gave him the much needed orientation under local conditions.

Today Pema Dorji manages the Programming and Hospitality Services Department of the company. He enjoys leading groups be it cultural or trekking and occasionally does so passionately whenever opportunities arise. His past times include photography and an avid soccer player.

Mr. Tshewang Nidu

Mr. Tshewang was a teacher by background but opted to work as a tour guide after he received an advanced training in guiding services. His past times include acting in movies and coaches volley ball for aspiring youths who wish to advance in volley ball skills. Mr.Tshewang is one of our senior tour guide with so many years of guiding experiences and ocean of knowledge to his credit. He serves as the tour leader for the company.

Mr. Yonten Phuntsho

Mr. Yonten is a graduate with advanced training in guiding. His expertise is mainly in trekking which he has accumulated from years of trekking in Bhutan. Mr.Yonten knows every length and breadth of most trails in Bhutan and is quick to expect what is behind every corner or a hill. He is also been trained in emergency health aid services which sometimes come into vital use. He does lead most our trekking services in the mountains.

Mr. Wangmo

Ms. Wangmo is also a tour executive strong in both Hindi and English speaking. She received training in guide services and generally lead tour groups from India who speaks Hindi language. She is a pleasant young woman never short of speech under all circumstances.

Mr. Passa

Mr. Passa
Mr. Passa is a B.Com graduate with financial background. He is a trained accountant and manages the companys accounts section from annual budget projections to day today handling of financial matters and co-signing every bank check issued by the company. Mr. Passa is a sensible young man known for his strong financial discipline.

Ms. Passang Bidha

Ms. Passang works as our companys Assistant Accountant. A graduate with commercial accounting background, she is also trained in Tally software easing companys financial management. She serves in the financial section as an assistant to Mr. Passa.

Mr. Tshering Samdrup

The name Tshering means long life and Samdrup meaning an achiever is one of our longest serving driver. A lively middle-aged man who can be trusted for everything have had no history of even a minor accidents in his entire driving career. He is well trained and a seasoned driver who speaks little of multiple languages including English and Chinese. He is fun to have him around. Every group that he drives enjoys his company for his loud outspoken humour. Mr. Samdrup drives one of our 18-seater coaches.

Mr. Yeshey

Mr. Yeshey is also our driver switching between our 22-seater coach and 9-seater van. A quiet person by nature, he is very careful when it comes to driving. Prior to joining our company, he used to work for a private school in Thimphu driving a bus for the school children. He is very dedicated to his work and loves driving tourists around the country.