Cancellation Policy

We sincerely hope that you will thoroughly enjoy your trip to Bhutan. Our travel agency will make every effort to make your experience in Bhutan a memorable one. We realize that at times a trip to Bhutan may need to be cancelled or postponed due to life circumstances. We strongly recommend that you consider purchasing traveler’s insurance for your trip especially if you have some possibility of life circumstances that could impact your visit to Bhutan. As a policy, we do not recommend travel insurance companies but there is ample information available. Tour programs that are cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows depending on how close to the arrival date to Bhutan that the cancellation is done: A. Cancellation Policy for Daily Tariff: The following is based on a cancellation before the start of a tour program: - Within 30 days : No cancellation fee - Within 21 days : 10% cancellation fee of the full daily rate - Within 14 days : 15% cancellation fee of the full daily rate - Within 7 days : 30% cancellation fee on the full daily rate - Less than 7 days, Or cancellation without notice : 50% cancellation fee of the full daily rate - After arrival in Bhutan : No refund of tour costs Refunds: Under some circumstances you need to cancel your trip to Bhutan, Snow Lion will make every effort to process refunds as expediently as possible. Monies will be wired directly to your bank account, the details which you will provide to us. The processing of the refund will take two to three weeks. Thank you for your understanding. Delayed Arrival /Departure to Bhutan For various reasons if our clients cannot fly to Bhutan on scheduled date, then he/she is eligible for refund of the number of days stranded at Druk Air destinations in Bangkok, Kathmandu, Kolkatta, Delhi, Bagdora, Guwahati or Dacca. The refund will be given during your stay in Bhutan. You also have a possibility to extend your stay in Bhutan soon on your arrival in Bhutan. Our travel agency will be able to assist you with any details. Delays in departure of visitors from Bhutan resulting from weather conditions, Druk Air problems or road blocks pay only the actual expenses on accommodation, food, transport or other services applicable. If passengers have already checked in and the flight on Druk Air have to be cancelled, (i.e. mechanical problems), then Druk Air will pay for your meals, hotel stay and transport to/from the airport. Under this circumstance, the visitors will not pay anything. Our travel agency will assist with any necessary arrangements. Snow Lion in STYLE will make every effort to see that all details of your trip are professionally taken care of in an efficient and timely manner. If there is a delay in arrival or departure to or from Bhutan due to Snow Lion in STYLE error, the agency will bear costs for meals, lodging and transportation to/from the airport. B. DRUKAIR TICKETS CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY Cancellation i) Cancellation made in case of requested /wait-listed ticket, no administrative charge will be apply. ii) 100% refund permitted for tickets cancelled more than 30 days from the date of travel with administrative charges. iii) 50% refund permitted for tickets cancelled between 30 –last 10 days from the date of travel with administrative charges. iv) 25% refund permitted for tickets cancelled prior to 03 (three) days from the date of travel with no administrative charges v) Refund not permitted for tickets cancelled less than 03 (three) days from the date of travel. vi) Drukair will inform the concerned agents of tickets getting cancelled once the TTL expires. vii) History print out is mandatory while applying for refund of cancelled tickets. viii) No administrative charges for cancellation of infant fares. ix) Cancellation for one sector confirmed and other sector on request/wait-listed up to days before the date of departure: Full refund permitted with administrative charges. x) Cancellation for one sector confirmed and the other sector on request/wait-list made before 48 hrs. from schedule day of departure: - 50% airfare refund on confirmed sector. - Full airfare refundable on the request/wait-listed sector xi) Passenger(s) holding confirmed reservations, reports after the counter is closed will be treated as ‘No Show’ and a No show charge of 50% of the airfare will be deducted for refund. On such cases, no administrative fee shall be levied. xii) If the passenger under No show wishes to travel at a later date and not claim for refund, than there will be a rebooking fee of US$50 per ticket paid in equivalent local currency. xiii) No cancellation charges will apply on infant fares. REFUND i) No cash refunds are permitted against tickets sold on credit. Refund against credit tickets is to be processed through Finance Division, head office – Paro/Thimphu. ii) Refunds against tickets issued by agents are processed only through the agency concerned. ii) No cash refunds are to be made against documents issued by other carriers and only MCOs would be issued wherever necessary. iv) Refund based on documents issued against cash would be processed as under: Note:In utilised confirmed /requested/wait-listed tickets issued on cash basis will not be refunded at any place other than the place of original issue, or unless the tickets have been issued by Drukair Offices and after obtaining verification from the station /office of issue. REFUND against validity expired tickets: a) Normal rules regarding cancellation/administrative fee shall apply in respect of validity expired documents for refund. b) Time limit for validity expired tickets for refund is three months beyond the validity period. C. Cancellation policy of luxury hotels in Bhutan If you make a request for cancellation of a trip to Bhutan 30 days or less before your arrival to Bhutan, you may be responsible for a 100% of hotel reservations fees. This rule applies to hotels such as Zhiwaling Resort, Aman Kora Resorts, Uma Resorts, Terma Linka Resort, Druk Taj, Haven Resort and Namgay Heritage, or Kisa Hotel in Bhutan. Any cancellation fees from hotels will be in addition to the cancellation fee for the daily tariff. D. Snow Lion in STYLE’s Surcharge policy ndividuals and smaller group tourists of 3 pax and below are subject to surcharges over and above the minimum daily tariff rates resulting from high overhead costs as follows: Single US$40 per night Group of two pax US$30 each per night Groups of three pax US$10 each per night The 10% agency commission payable to agents in abroad shall not be deductible from the surcharge. The surcharges are not applicable to representatives of foreign travel agents on business study or promotional visit duly approved and cleared by TCB. *Children upto the age of 5 years do not pay any charges. Those between the ages of 6-12 accompanied by elders/guardians enjoy 50% discount on daily tariffs and 100% on Royalty. *Full time students below the age of 25 years have 25% discount on production of valid student ID card. E. Group Size Discount 11 - 15 pax - One pax have 50% discount on daily tariff. 16 pax and above - One pax have 100% discount on daily tariff. F. Duration Dsicount 8 nights and beyond - 50% discount on royalty component. 14 nights and beyond - 100% discount on royalty component. Note: Groups/individuals who availed discounts under (*) marks cannot claim royalty component discount. * This cancellation policy may be amended from time to time as changes deem it necessary. Policy updated: April 2015