About Us

Snow Lion in STYLE is a leading Contemporary Tour and Trekking Executive which has been in continuous operation since 2002. It is a seasoned well tested tour company which has successfully achieved recognition as a popular choice for travelers to Bhutan. It is committed towards its staff and follows a particular mission and vision.

Snow Lion in STYLE attaches high priority to personalized services and individual care and thats what makes it uniquely different and popular. It is best known for its creativity and quality services it renders. It has officials who are fully prepared to handle any situation under all circumstances.

Today Snow Lion boasts of a well-established office located in the capital city Thimphu managed by a dedicated staff whose loyalty is unquestionable. It has a fleet of well maintained coaches, mini vans and cars at its disposal managed by only experienced drivers who were all handpicked. For Snow Lion , its choice for credible hotel with great services and ideal location is always a priority.

Snow Lion adopted various operational modalities and specialization which are well tested for the benefit of client choice and preferences to get the best of our services and value for money. Escorted tour is Snow Lion's style of operation. It is an effective way to explore new Country and its country sides for our guests who simply want to sit back and enjoy every moment of sightseeing while listening to amusing stories, fun facts and insights into local culture and history.

Our escorted services extend to all individuals/singles, family and group travels with utmost care for your privacy.
  • Singles/FITs are welcome without being part of a larger group. You are still provided with a guide, a car and a private room/cabin.
  • Family tours are specifically geared to family travel of all ages. While letting you explore fascinating destinations, we allow you some quality family time.
  • Group travel is another popular escorted travel packages which we deliver. The advantage with group travel is that the individual rates are often the best rates available.